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Power Rangers are something which has been quite a favorite show right from the year 1993. The show has great stories, and though many things have changed now, if you are a person who has watched it way back from 1993 you will truly love it. Many people say that the power rangers lost galaxy was not a very good series, but if you are a person who loves power rangers then you will love the show; this article you will be reading the reviews on Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy


Power Rangers Lost Galaxy in the year 1999 was adapted from Seijyu Sentai Gingaman. The space travel motif was quite successful so, the producers decided to stick with it in Lost Galaxy. Some fans did not like the Lost Galaxy’s handling which was themed as the Gingaman footage and the space theme. Personally, I feel that Lost Galaxy is one of my favorite seasons and it was my second favorite season when the “Judd Lynn era,” was released.

Positive reviews:

Even though there were many upsides to the lost galaxy, the season has some really good reviews. The fans were quite depressed as this season had many casualties. Some of the Casualties were Kendrix, Magna Defender and Manga Defender’s son, Zika. Kendrix and Magna Defender were the first two rangers who were killed in the battle.

The season also had some of the best characters like Leo, Kai, Kendrix, Karone, Maya, and the Magna Defender. The story had a brilliant team up with the In Space where the story of Kendrix’s death and Karone’s story as Kendrix’s replacement was portrayed, as the actress Valarie Varone had leukemia. Even the villains are spectacular in the season. The villains such as Trakeena, Villamax, and Deviot had a very good role. The battle, in the end, was also good, and the fight scenes were quite good. The season’s theme song captured the hearts of the fans, and it was a shame that the theme music would start going downhill with Lightspeed Rescue.

Negative reviews:

The Sentai footage wasn’t that good was not that good, but I cannot also say that it was very bad. Things like Turbo, MMPR S2, and Operation Overdrive were much worse. The writings in the season were sometimes found to be spotty particularly in the Lights of Orion arc and the “Lost Galaxy arc.” It was originally planned to be a bit longer, and it also did not have a great ending.

The character Mike was not used in the later parts of the season, in the beginning, he was portrayed as a big character gaining the Magna Defender’s powers after his death. But in the end the character Mike was not used much. His entry and introduction were very good and excited the fans, but later he was not given many roles. He was hardly scened in the scene and only showed up for the battle.

Despite the fact that there were some spotting in writing and the lack of development for Mike, this season has everything you want in a Power Rangers season.