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In the year 1996, the villain known as Master Vile placed an orb of great power near the city of Angel Grove. This orb turned back time, and the team of Power Rangers who were guarding the city, at the time, were turned into children. The Blue Ranger of the team, Billy, tried an experiment to revert all six Rangers back to their old selves using the six power coins. While Billy himself was able to return to normal, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa captured the machine that was used and turned the power coins into gold dust. The Rangers sought out the five shards of the Zeo crystal, reverted back to normal, and continued their fight against evil.

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One such threat was known as the Machine Empire. The leader of the Machine Empire, King Mondo, was defeated by the Zeo Rangers and as well as the rest of the Empire. Years after their defeat a group of ten Red Rangers defeated five Machine Empire generals that were not present at Mondo’s defeat. Unbeknownst to anyone in the galaxy, the last remnants of the Machine Empire have returned to Angel Grove to rage war on the city and try to draw out the Rangers that defeated their “glorious” leader. However, someone was prepared for such an occasion.

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Dean Israelite

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